Saturday, June 8, 2019

A collection of reviews for Sayville Tales

These reviews appeared in the last several months on in their various domestic and foreign marketplaces (USA, Germany, and the UK). They come from readers located in places as far away as Barcelona, Berlin, Crete, and Stockholm.  The marketplaces don't always share reviews with each other, so I periodically look around their worldwide shopping portals and check Barnes & Noble and other retailers as time permits. Appreciative readers are everywhere.  Sayville Tales can be found here. Or you can visit the printer's website and preview the entire book.

A writer of genius.
I was stunned from the first moment by the overall conception of this compilation of short quirky tales strung together. Beautifully conceived and produced, the nuanced use of language, the humor, and the sense of the cosmic brought into the particular with awe and irony, are evident from the first page. The work is seductive, playful and profoundto be savored.  
H. Roberts/Barcelona

Great short stories with a good sense of humor.
First I was a little bit skeptical with the cover, but when I started to read it, it turned out to be a fantastic book. It's well written and after each short story it will bring you a smile in your face. The unicorn story I loved very much. And there are a lot of things you can learn reading this book. If you sit in the train going somewhere that's the book to read--but be careful not to miss the station where you have to get off!  
C. Golker/Berlin

What a journey!
I was recommended Sayville Tales by a dear friend and bought it before I left New York for Stockholm on an 8 hour flight. I started reading...and wasn't able to stop until I've reached the last page. Being on an airplane
or as in the book traveling by train most of the timedoesn't really matter since Sayville Tales is a journey in itself. These stories manage to relate to each other no matter if you're going to Hell, [a town in] Norway or if you like the company of a Vengeful Nun. I loved the way it was written, lots of humor and very witty. And as born and raised in Sweden and a big fan of Ingmar Bergman ...when the Devil is lurking in the background you know you're in for a treat. I recommend this book to like short stories. S. Lindstrom/Stockholm

Highly Recommend.
I really enjoyed Sayville Tales, it's not like any book I have ever read. I very much enjoyed that this book was a bunch of little stories compiled into one major story. The author is very descriptive and there is a lot of humor. Along with the lovely story there are some great illustrations that compliment it nicely. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates short stories, adventure and humor. 
M. Adams/Tacoma, WA

Great Last Minute Gift for Everyone on Your List!

Sayville Tales - A Winner.
I loved this book. Wonderful visuals and incredible stories all woven together into a whole by the premise of travelers sharing a journey on a train and each sharing their own tale. My favorite story was perhaps the Brown Fox, but then there is the story about the Vengeful Nun, the Rabbi's Interview or the Devil's Tower, to name just a few. There is something for everyone
animals, devils, ghosts, religion, intrigue and mystery, and for lovers of trains, the illustrations and photos are extremely engaging. The writing is skillful and witty. The characters are unique and interesting and the stories are great fun. I expect to reread Sayville Tales, a number of times. L. Cramer/NYC

Lawrence Jay Switzer's book, Sayville Tales, is astute, sharp, and canvases and rooms, seen from within the same interior, Switzer guides us into a world that we seldom allow ourselves time enough to discover. G. Favre/NYC

Charming and witty adventure...highly recommend this treasure! H. Seltzer/St. Petersburg, FL


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