Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A thumb rises at The International Review of Books

Sayville Tales, as reviewed by The International Review of Books (July 2019)

To join this train journey, you will need a healthy sense of humour, and a firm distaste for apples.

With his tongue firmly in his cheek, (I hope) Lawrence Jay Switzer takes readers on a train journey where interesting characters tell tales of life, the afterlife, death, nuns, unicorns, the mystery of bagels, the brown fox and See Spot Run. He spares no one, not Donald Trump, the Pope, the Devil, history, or, for that matter, Mormons, Jews, the Irish, Christians, Steven Spielberg, and rainbow bagels. The Rabbi can't explain rainbow bagels and urges you to write to the Pope directly...address supplied. No need for a stamp.

I've sniggered my way through Hell, the train ride, beautifully illustrated, and stories told with such ironic wit, it was almost like watching an American version of a Monty Python show with pot.

Nothing is sacred here, American history is told with pictures and conspiracy theories that will blow your mind.

Take your time with this book. The Devil is around all the time, so be careful when you are offered temptations - he loves red apples...

In the words of the author, a small excerpt: "Well, to me, it’s obvious,” the Professor explained with a shrug. “What should be obvious to you, though—for your own good—is that not everything is what it seems to be or says it is.”

Savour these alternative tales of wit, wisdom, bad choices and a smooth train ride to Sayville. Linger in Hell to have your picture taken but get out before your bad past catches up with you. Spot isn't running anymore, and he knows exactly who stopped him...


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